Bow Maker Instructions.

Finally got the Intructions done for the Bow Maker… Woot Woot!

Bow Maker Instructions

  1. Hold ribbon with the short end in your left hand and the remainder of the roll sits on your right side. Holding the ribbon around the back of the dowel. (You are holding the long end in your right hand.
  2. Cross your left hand with the short end over the right end (which is the long end).
  3. After the short end crosses the long end, pass it under the right long end and through the middle of the dowels, up and over; through the dowels.
  4. Make a knot with the short end of the ribbon. Before tightening the knot, center it to make the bow.
  5. Pull off and cut the long end (which is attached to your roll). Adjust and use!
  6. If you want, you can take the short end and turn it around your dowels twice or more to make a double bow.


**When you make your bow, remember that you are sitting on the back side of your bow. Therefore if you are using one sided ribbon make sure the pattern side is facing forward when you make the bow. Also when tying the knot make sure the pattern is facing forward as you tighten the knot.


Have fun!


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