Craft Sales!!!!!!!!

Here is a list of craft sales that we will be attending for anyone who’s interested:

November 3, 2012 –> Swan Lake and Morden.

November 17, 2012 –> Cypress River and Darlingford

November 18, 2012 –> Notre Dame de Lourdes

December 1, 2012 –> Carberry

If you are interest in something you have seen previously send us an email so we can make sure we bring it to the craft sale you will be attending.

Stay tune for more up dates.


One response to “Craft Sales!!!!!!!!

  1. I would like to reach one of the ladies. But have no address. I purchased a bunch of beautiful albums at the morden corn and apple festival fir christmas gifts. When I got home I noticed one was in very bad shape . Very worn around the edges. I can not give this as a gift. Please help me get this straightened out. I love them and want to give it away

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